Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Crepes
  1. Mix all ingredients (except cinnamon) in bowl and stir with whisk.
  2. Pour on heated skillet over high heat.
  3. I use the square skillet.
  4. This is VERY VERY liquidy, so be careful when pouring.
  5. You want them thin. After the mixture looks solid enough to flip, take flipper/spatula and make a cross to make four square crepes.
  6. Flip over onto other side.
  7. While the above is cooking, you can make your fillings:
  8. In a cup, mix your PB2 and water together.
  9. I like the PB2 to be runny for this particular recipe, so you may need to add a little more water to make it runny.
  10. In another bowl, mix your protein powder and water with a hand mixer and set aside.
  11. While the crepes are on the skillet, you can pour the runny PB2 onto each square (save a little for drizzle at the end).
  12. Then pour the protein fluff over the PB2.
  13. Transfer crepes onto a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon for taste, roll into pretty little crepes, drizzle with remaining PB2 add another dash of cinnamon, and there ya have it!
  14. Voila!