Five Minute (Vegan) Triple Berry Mugcake
If you love pie and you love mugcakes, then you’ll love this recipe. this is my “go to” recipe for a single serve berry filled pie “mugcake”. This mini pie takes only about 5 minutes to make so it’s perfect for satisfying that pie craving in a pinch!
  1. Single serve (vegan) berry pie mugcake 1/3 cup whole wheat flour 1 tbsp coconut flour 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 banana, mashed 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup raspberries (or berries of choice)
  2. Combine all ingredients except berries and mix well.
  3. Add enough flour so that the mixture is easily manageable I.e not sticky.
  4. Press 2/3rds of the mixture into a small ramekin.
  5. Form into a pie crust shape.
  6. Add your berries (if using frozen, be sure to thaw first).
  7. Roll out the rest of your crust and place on top of the berries.
  8. Cut an “x” in the center then,using a fork, press the top crust into the bottom crust.
  9. Microwave ~2-3 minutes or until crust is fully cooked.
  10. Pro tip: put a plate underneath your bowl while cooking to catch the juice from the berries in case it starts to overflow.
  11. Let cool before enjoying!