Quest Smore’S Stuffed French Toast Roll Ups
smores. stuffed. french toast. rollups. yup, i went there. these delicious rollups are not only delicious but also full of protein and fiber to keep you full and satisfied.
  1. Smores stuffed French toast Rollups
  2. 3 slices whole wheat bread with crusts cut off
  3. 1/2 scoop vanilla protein
  4. Almond Milk, as needed
  5. 2 eggs
  6. 1 quest smores bar cut horizontally into 3 long pieces
  7. In a small bowl, combine your protein powder with your milk until thick in consistency.
  8. Set aside.
  9. In another bowl, whisk your eggs with about 1/4 cup milk and also set this aside. Take one of your prices of crustless bread and spread the protein mixture on top.
  10. Place one of the pieces of the quest bar at one of the bread and gently roll it up.
  11. When the seams meet, press them together tightly so the roll is tightly enclosed.
  12. Dunk in egg mixture.
  13. Repeat with other pieces of bread then cook in a skillet until all sides are golden brown.